Events Schedule


The following events are held on a regular basis . . .
“SL” Time is Pacific Standard (California, etc)

Maia Kyi'Ra
Maia Kyi’Ra

SUNDAYS at 11 AM – 12 PM SL: Gathering in the Shan’Gri’La Skye Temple over New Earth Star Sanctuary. Maia Kyi’Ra gives a talk, followed by Q&A and discussion. Topics are all  “New Earth” but can include ancient histories and concepts when applicable to the world’s passage into New Earth Consciousness. Participants must be able to hear in Voice.

At least once a month we move our gathering to the Delphi Oracle Temple for a somewhat different “Pathwalking” venue of understanding and working with esoteric symbology and oracles.




WEDNESDAYS at 11 AM – 12 PM SL: Sacred Dance. We have two dance areas on NESS and alternate each week dancing there. On Moondrop Isle we have a theme each time and we indulge in good conversation while we dance.

At the Moonshadow Dance Circle, we read inspirational poems, prose and such as we dance to peaceful music. All present are encouraged to read voice or text) if they wish to. Otherwise I (Maia) will read from my considerable archive of spiritual work.


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