SaRaFana A’DuRa: Twin Flame of Thoth

New Earth Star Inner Academy

When I began my first conscious experiences with the Illumined Master, Thoth in 1977, I did not know about his Twin Flame Soul. I was some years later that he told me of this soul, and its incarnations in female form with him in Egypt. Was was not his wife, but a Priestess-Oracle whom he consulted and confided in. Of course these two souls have had many lives together.

Thoth requested that I bring his form into the Virtual of Second Life in 2008, About two years later, he asked for Sarafana (or Serafina, as I believe of called her then), to be present there as well.

Thoth had already been giving discourses to groups in the Pyramid Temple above the New Earth Star Estate. Now Sarafana began to do so as well, in a palace I created for her on the land by the shore.

While I kept theseā€¦

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